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Hunter-Gatherers Social Network

20 Feb 2017

Migliano et al. developed a technology to map proximity networks in hunter-gatherers, and show that their social networks exhibit increased efficiency for information exchange due to a few strong ‘friendship’ ties connecting unrelated families. Such friendships are more important than family ties in predicting knowledge sharing. See Migliano et al. 1, 0043 (2017).


05 Oct 2015

High global efficiency of social networks is important to multiple aspects of human cumulative culture, including the spread of social norms and diffusion of technological innovations, among others. Efficient hunter-gatherer networks depend on the existence of a few close friends linking households and enabling the flow of information among them...

Resilience Project Report - Year IV

13 Jul 2015

The members of Resilience Project describe their work and show images of their fieldwork in a meeting organised in Cornwall. 

Diving with the Agta

09 Apr 2014

The Agta from Diago are incredible divers. This video produced by Rodolph Schlaepfer shows the Agta in their everyday activity.

Congo Brazzaville - BaYaka Music

07 Jun 2016

Rituals, Music and oral traditions are at the centre of hunter-gatherers cultural resilience. Great similarities in vocal polyphonic singing styles between African Pygmies and similar taboos around reproduction and food suggest ancient relationships and long-term survival of these cultural traits.

Agta Children - Social Learning

10 May 2015

Children in hunter-gatherer groups learn important life skills from other children and adults. This video is about social learning in Agta Children and was shown in a conference, "Children Seen and Heard Across the Globe" (Leiden, Netherlands), in 2015.

COsEL and Agta Aid

28 May 2023

The local school in Dicotcotan has many Agta students. Agta Aid and COsEL are working to make this school and its teaching methodology more adequate to the Agta needs and culture. Teachers, Schools and Children in England and Brazil are also involved in this project. This video is about how kids are commited and amazing journey of books, from England to the Philippines.

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